Here hopefully you find some answers to questions you might have about our processes . 

Vapourblasting, Plastic media blasting, a few FAQ's

1.The item must be touch dry and clean from any oil or grease before any blasting process takes place. Why ? because the very fine media will "hang" onto the oil / grease and no matter how well its washed down afterwards there is a very good chance not all of the media will be removed.

We ultrasonically clean all items before any blasting process takes place

2. If a company offers to clean an item without properly cleaning the item before vapourblasting , consider using someone else . 

We ultrasonically clean all items to remove any oil / grease prior to any blasting process

3. If a company insists its your responsibility to clean the item prior to vapourblasting , consider using someone else . 

We will always ultrasonically clean an item even if the customer says its be pre-cleaned.

4. Ensure the item is left to become completely dry before "blowing" out oil ways etc. 

We hot air dry items after washing down with cold water and can if required put the item back through ultrasonic cleaning at the clients request. The item should always be completely dry before undertaking any other assembly or paint process, this way you can ensure all the blast media has been removed

Tip. Lay the item on a dark cloth and lightly tap it , if you see any media on the cloth then you know its not been blown out successfully. 

5. Protect the item as soon as possible after vapourblasting to prevent any fresh corrosion. This can be as simple as spraying the item with something like ACF 50 or Duckoil unless going onto a paint process. Remember the items dry and oil free and if left out in harsh conditions , chances are it will corrode again. 

We recommend and use ACF 50.

6. Vapourblasting is a passive process and cannot be expected to remove any heavy coatings such as paint, especially powder coating. Thats why we now have a plastic media dry blast process to remove such coatings and then finish off with the vapourblasting if required. However we are able to remove light Anodised coatings from such items such as wheel rims , fork legs , head stocks etc . 

We use the finest plastic media approved for use on aircraft parts in our dry blast process.

For any other answers to questions you might have about our processes please feel free to contact us on 01264 361630 and 078875 26441 , Kind regards Greg for G.R.Services [est 2007] , Andover , Hants . 

The media we use is industry approved for use on engines and aircraft components and is the finest 

supplied being finer than sugar . 

Please take time to read the bellow as it highlights how serious we take our work . 

We stipulate that ALL items must be pre-cleaned to ensure they are oil / grease free BEFORE any blasting takes place.